How do you wash or care for decorative garden or house flags?

  • We recommended washing garden or house flags with a mild detergent on a gentle cycle or by hand. This will help loosen dirt and moss buildup to give your flags a bit of a refresh. Once clean, hang to dry.

What size is a garden or house flag?

  • There are variations in the dimensions of house and garden flags; however, most poles accept garden flags up to 13.5" wide and most house poles accept flags up to 30" wide. Different manufacturers set their standard size for each product line however often offer sculpted or embellished flags which will typically vary in dimension. All of the flags on our website will fit any of our garden flag or house flag hardware.
  • Standard garden flag sizes are usually found to be 12-12.5" tall to 18" wide.
  • Standard house flag sizes are typically found to be 28" tall to 40-44" wide. 

Are your flags double sided?

  • Many of our garden and house flags have double sided designs so they read correct from both sides. Digitally printed flags offer either a full bleed to the backside or in some cases are printed on both sides so they read correct from either direction. We recommend reference descriptions for individual items as these will note if they read correct from both sides or if they read correct from one side and opposite from the other. Our suede, linen, and most applique flags will be double sided and read correct from both sides.

What is a spinner? 

  • A spinner is a type of yard art that moves with the wind. Sometimes these are also called wind wheels. We offer quite a few yard art spinners for various seasons, holidays, and everyday display. They are a fun whimsical addition to any yard or garden as well as can be displayed on a deck with our deck mount brackets.

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Is your store open to customers?

  • Yes, our store is open Monday-Saturday. Shop garden flags, house flags, windsocks, yard art spinners, poles, and accessories. You can shop all holidays and seasons any time of the year. For location and store hours including special holiday hours, please click here.